Training Center

Ensure that quality and safety requirements are met
Today's major engineering and construction projects are increasingly more complex and demanding, involving numerous parties working together, often from different locations around the world.

This is why, particularly during these challenging economic times, by training professionals you can streamline your operations in an effective and cost efficient way. Through our expertise we can train professionals in taking the right decisions based on International and European standards.

The knowledge acquired over the years with the application of European and International standards helped us develop a databank of knowledge which we use during our training courses.

Nortest provides the following training modules:
  1. Quality Assurance and Control
  2. Oil storage tanks
  3. Pressure vessels
  4. ADR
  5. Product Certification
  6. Welding
  7. Welding Engineering
  8. Welding Inspection
Your benefits would be:
  • Gaining valuable expertise
  • Reducing risk through knowledge
  • Improving your profile



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