Playground Inspection & Certification

Playground Safety based on the European Standards EN 1176 & EN 1177 
Nortest is here to help create safe playgrounds for our children. 
  • The playgrounds are a source of joy for children, a place where they can play and socialize with other children their age. To be able to do all these carefree must above all playgrounds are safe. 
  • In Europe, it is estimated that playground injuries needing hospital care, exceeding the 300,000 annually. Research conducted in the European Union found that approximately 50% of injuries could be avoided with right changes in games and proper installation. These incidents could be reduced more with the right regular inspection and maintenance of playgrounds. 
  • The investigation showed that the risk of injury in public playgrounds is twice that of private. 
  • In an effort to reduce injuries and risks to the playground, the European Union has published the standards EN1176 (1-7) and EN1177 and outline the requirements how to install, land development, control and maintenance of playgrounds. 
Nortest has inspectors trained in the United Kingdom to conduct quarterly and annual playground audits and inspections, as well as post installation inspections. The company also can also assist in the correct design and installation of playgrounds and playground equipment. 

The company also cooperates with the 'Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents' (ROSPA), which is the largest playground safety organization in Europe.
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