ADR Carriage of Dangerous Goods & Services

Guard against unforeseen accidents
The carriage of Dangerous goods falls under the international treaty of ADR which regulates how gases, chemicals, fuels and a variety of other dangerous substances are transported. The inspection of the integrity of the vehicles and tanks used is of primary importance to guard against unforeseen accidents.

For this reason Nortest offers you the following services:

  1. Initial and periodic inspection of tanks and cylinders
  2. ADR consulting and training services for the transportation of dangerous goods
  3. Condition verification of existing tanks
  4. Approval and inspection of repairs and modifications 
  5. Certification of ADR transportable containers
  6. Professional guidance by an approved ADR Safety Advisor
  7. Professional guidance by an approved ADR Tank Expert

Your benefits would be:

  • Complying with ADR regulation
  • Identifying areas of high risk and minimising them
  • Minimizing financial liabilities 
  • Ensuring the realibility of transporter


ADR Carriage of Dangerous Goods & Services

09 April 2015
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