Product Certification

The issuance of the CE mark is a mandatory comformity mark
The certification of products and the issuance of the CE mark is a mandatory conformity mark for products placed in the European Union. With the CE marking on a product the manufacturer ensures its conformity with essential requirements of the applicable EC directives.

Nortest can assist you with the certification (CE Marking) and the performance of the required tests for:
  1. Lifts
  2. Lifting Equipment 
  3. Pressure Vessels  
  4. Transportable Pressure Equipment (TPED)
  5. Steel Structures 
  6. Pipelines
Your benefits would be:
  • Strengthening and protecting your brand image and reputation
  • Improving your sales
  • Achieving high quality products


Product Certification

07 November 2016

Product Certification

09 April 2015
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