Asset Integrity

The company helps its clients overcome their challenges
Managing physical assets, such as oil storage tanks, pressure vessels, pipelines, offshore platforms, boilers, and selecting the appropriate inspection and re-certification periods is critical for ensuring high safety standards and good operational condition. 

The integrity of the assets is a major concern to the Asset Integrity Management Team which aims to maintain the asset fit for service while at the same time extending its remaining life in the most reliable and cost effective way. Nortest’s engineers will partner with you at any stage of the process from design, to fabrication and erection, to commissioning all the way to maintenance and inspection assisting you in overcoming your challenges. Moreover, Nortest will assist you through the life cycle of your asset providing you with a comprehensive fitness for service analysis but most importantly, we will determine the underlying damage mechanism, safeguarding your asset.

Nortest has developed over the years extensive experience in developing an optimized condition based inspection program that can be customized to your needs and always in compliance with international standards such as API 580 and API 581. Using this methodology, we identify high risk systems where we optimize inspection frequency and for low risk systems we prolong the interval between inspections keeping always the risk low. Based on the history and maintenance of the asset using a risk based methodology we can improve the plant’s efficiency by reducing costs and un-planned downtime costs.

With hundreds of RBI programs in place worldwide our engineers will produce an inspection strategy that will clearly identify which equipment needs to be inspected, what its the optimal inspection interval and most importantly specify the right technique to inspect the particular component.

Typically, Nortest during Risk Based Inspection will:

• Assess the current operational needs and review technical specifications
• Perform a quantitative risk assessment on all equipment which will help us identify areas of high risk
• Record possible degradation mechanisms and establish appropriate inspection techniques
• Determine the remaining life of each component
• Specify the necessary inspection and maintenance tasks based on the risk profile of each component


Fitness for Service
One of the most challenging tasks Maintenance Management Teams phase is keeping the assets fit for service while at the same time upgrading them to cope with the new developments.
Nortest team of Engineers are specialized in Fitness for Service Assessments and can assist you in the following ways:
• Inspect and asses the current condition of your asset
• Identify your current needs
• Perform fitness for service assessment (FFS)
• Recommend practical solutions and repair methodology
• Follow up and ensure the asset is repaired as per industry standards
• Re-certify your asset


Nortest as an Inspection Body (ISO 17020), continually trains its inspectors and engineers to the latest industry codes and standards and has the capacity and experience to:

• Perform Design Verification 
• Provide Inspection and Evaluation services to determine the current status of your assets
• Provide Third Party Inspection Services
• Fitness for Service (FFS) Assessment
• Remaining Life Calculation
• Material Analysis
• Pipeline Integrity Management
• Tank Integrity Management
• Non Destructive Testing
• Risk Based Inspection
• Finite Element Analysis
• Provide Customized Solutions
• Evaluate Damage Mechanisms
• Functionality Tests
• In and Out of Service Inspections
• Quality Assurance Services
• Welder Qualification & PQR/WPS


Take advantage of the full potential of your asset by:

• Minimizing downtime costs
• Optimizing inspection and maintenance costs
• Maximizing its value

Your benefits would be:

•    Compliance with international standards or European directives
•    Minimization of financial liabilities
•    Identification and reduction of risk
•    Quality assurance


Asset Integrity

26 May 2014
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