Nortest, established in 1992, is recognized as a boutique inspection, testing and certification body with a global reach, serving its clients through its network over three continents. Nortest is dynamically structured, so as to avoid cumbersome bureaucratic procedures other global organizations face, serving its clients in the best possible way.
Our greatest asset is our people, who with their determination and dedication serve our client's interests, so they could best achieve their goals.

Nortest is a Notified Body (CE 2338) and an accredited testing and calibration laboratory as per ISO 17025 (ESYD No. 645) offering high quality services. Moreover Nortest is an accredited Inspection Body (Third Party) as per ISO 17020 (CYS-CYSAB). The company’s key asset is its unparalleled expertise, developed and enhanced over the years in industries such as power generation and energy, oil and gas, civil engineering and marine.

We are committed to excellence and we constantly invest in knowledge, research and new technologies aiming to offer the best to our clients. Our high caliber engineers are enlisted as professional engineers and receive continuous training on new European and International standards.

The company originates from the UK, however the headquarters are based in Cyprus where it coordinates its operations through its offices in Manchester (United Kingdom), Mumbai (India), Accra (Ghana) and Cairo (Egypt). Furthermore, it operates a new state-of-the-art laboratory (covering 800m2) at the Vasilikos area located next to the Cyprus Energy Center where it supports the operations of the oil and gas sector. In addition, we collaborate with universities developing new inspection products and techniques, bringing the best practices to our clients.  

Nortest Accreditations
  • Notified body CE 2338
  • ISO 17025 Testing and Calibration Laboratory
  • ISO 17020 Inspection Body (Pressure Equipment, Transportable Pressure Equipment, Oil Storage Tanks, Lifts and Cranes etc)
  • ISO 17025 Petrochemical Laboratory
  • ​ISO 17025 Engineering and Testing Services
  • ​ISO 17065 Product Certifcation Body
​Nortest Approvals
  • ADR Testing Center for Initial and Periodic inspection of vehicles, tanks etc
  • Drill Pipe Inspection Center
  • IACS  Approved Inspection Service Company
Nortest Health and Safety Certifcation
  • ​OHSAS 18001
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