Asset Integrity

Petrolina New Tank Farm Project
Ensuring the integrity of Fuel Tank Terminals

In August 2011, Petrolina decided to build a new oil terminal consisting of 7 storage tanks (total capacity 150,000m3) and at the same time maintain and upgrade two existing fuel oil storage tanks (through re-bottoming and converting one  to gasoil). Moreover eight new pipelines were to be constructed linking the new oil terminal to the jetty.  Petrolina sought for a third party that would ensure the integrity and compliance of the project (following API 650, API 653 and ASME B31.3). Furthermore we have reviewed the design to ensure compliance with the codes and monitored the quality inspections during welding and coating processes by following a quality control system.

It was imperative that the fabrication codes were followed strictly so Nortest has utilized two welding Inspectors, two API inspectors and one painting inspector to oversee the whole process.

Furthermore, by thrusting Nortest's quality assurance expertise allowed Petrolina to focus entirely on the project management, saving valuable time. Moreover, by trusting a third-party to oversee quality control, Petrolina ensured the long-term integrity of its new assets with a potential long-term benefit of lower maintenance costs.

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