Petrochemical Analysis

Petrochemical Analysis

Our objective is to serve your needs by verifying the quality of your product fast and reliably. Whether you choose to adhere to ASTM or EN standards our independent laboratory will partner with you and assist you in the best possible way.

Nortest offers, inter alia, a range of testing services products such as gasoil, gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil, lubricants:

  • Density
  • Viscosity 
  • Carbon Residue
  • Sulphur Content 
  • Copper Strip Corrosion
  • Smoke Point
  • Freezing Point
  • Cloud Point
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Gum Content
  • Doctor Test 
  • Ash
  • Distillation 
  • Flash Point 
  • Acid Number
  • Thermal Stability
  • Oxidation Stability
Further details can be seen in the brochure attached.

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